🇬🇧118: The 9+1 worst Sales Mistakes SaaS Founders should avoid according to Point 9


Sales is always hard, but even harder these days. This is the reason Seth and Julius are discussing the 10 biggest Sales mistakes to avoid:

  1. The Founder isn’t willing to be the first sales person
  2. The Founder stops selling too soon
  3. Hiring a Sales Leader too early
  4. Trying to figure it all out yourself without a sherpa-guide
  5. Listening to late stage investors advice for early stage
  6. Outsourcing the search for product market fit
  7. Misjudging the strength of product market fit
  8. Poorly Set Goals ruining the commercial organization
  9. Trying to reinvent sales/process/org/compensation
  10. Trying to save money on sales talent

Podcast Gast: Seth DeHart https://www.linkedin.com/in/sethdehart Venture Partner at Point Nine Capital

Podcast Host: Julius Göllner https://www.linkedin.com/in/julius-goellner/

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