🇬🇧088: Point 9 on Creative Tools 2.0 - Opportunities to disrupt Adobe‘s Creative Suite with insights from Louis Coppey


Louis and Julius take a deep dive into the market of creative tools, their history and current opportunities. In detail, the topics include:

  • What does Point Nine do and how do they differ from other early stage VCs in SaaS.
  • Creative Tools - the importance of Adobe as a category leader
  • Creative Pros, Communicators, Consumers - the opportunity in new target groups
  • The importance of collaboration and its opportunities for new ventures
  • Creative Tools on new platforms - what opportunities arise in AR, VR and other areas?
  • The current hype around Chat GPT and other ML models - catalyst for innovative companies
  • Community Led Growth as a growth driver and differentiator

Our Guest Louis Coppey https://www.linkedin.com/in/louiscoppey

Our Advertising partner: OMR - https://omr.com/de/

Tool Tip: Podcastle (podcastle.ai)

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