🇬🇧066: The Money Machine - How to build a fully predictable GTM engine with Patrik Polak from Newion


Patrick Polak is in Venture Capital for over 20 years and gives Julius deep insight about his view on growth and how to really build a scalable and predictable Go-To-Market Enginge. In Detail Patrick and Julius discuss:

  • Insights about Newion and it´s investment hypothesis
  • Managing the failure risk instead of pure hyper scaling
  • Why you should talk to as many people as possible when raising your Seed Round
  • What is the money making machine and how to build one?
  • How does the money machine it fit into the 3 steps of scaling an organisation
  • How Filestage built a money machine and is still optimising it
  • What does real predictability means

Unser Gast: Patrick Polak https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-polak-55309417b/

Unser Werbepartner: SalesPlaybook https://www.thesalesplaybook.com/

Restaurant-Tipp: https://www.getyourguide.co.uk/rembrandtplein-l3018/amsterdam-classic-boat-cruise-with-cheese-wine-option-t313498/?visitor-id=QW68XP1B4V3DALL6CU9OIGEPOUTMIKTE&locale_autoredirect_optout=true

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