🇬🇧156: 800 applications for an AE position - Best Practices in Sales Recruiting


Recruiting Sales Talent changed significantly over the last 12 months. Nevertheless it is challenging and needs to be thought through in detail. Sara Archer gives Julius Göllner insight in the recruiting processes of ChartMogul and her best practices to attract, select and hire top talent below 30 days. In detail you will hear about:

  • The business model of ChartMogul
  • The importance of a bit of humour in the job description
  • Using the right channels - how to collect traffic for your jobs
  • Building and leveraging your leadership network to trade high level profiles
  • Always recruiting - why to build and manage a recruiting funnel even you have no budget
  • Designing a great process - how to guide your talent through the recruitment process
  • Identifying the right skills - what separates rockstars from average
  • Salary benchmarks - what to pay and where to hire in Germany

Our Guest: Sara Archer https://www.linkedin.com/in/smarcher18/

Our Host: Julius Göllner https://www.linkedin.com/in/julius-goellner/

Restaurant Tipp:

Herr Sonnenschein https://www.facebook.com/herrsonnenschein1

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