🇬🇧127: Bootstrapped to 8 Mio. ARR - How to leverage LinkedIn to grow


LinkedIn is probably the most powerful Business platform in Europe and contains big potential of generating leads. Nevertheless it changes on a continuous basis and you need a deep understanding of how to use it the right way. Enjoy listening to Stefan Smulders and Julius Göllners discussion about:

  • What Expandi is doing today and how the business developed from agency to SaaS
  • The Cat and the Fish - how to operate with LinkedIn as a third party player
  • The probability of getting blocked using a LinkedIn Automation
  • Insights about the most important LinkedIn changes over the last months
  • How will LinkedIn look like in three years
  • Best Practices and Customer Acquisition nowadays
  • The power of live events and how to promote them
  • Building a personal brand to accelerate your business
  • M&A options for Sales Enablement Tools

Podcast Gast: Stefan Smulders https://www.linkedin.com/in/smuldersstefan

Podcast Host: Julius Göllner https://www.linkedin.com/in/julius-goellner/

Helpful Resources: How to promote your LinkedIn event up to 1000+ attendees: https://expandi.io/linkedin-events-ebook/

Expandi’s best content retargeting growth hack for 2023: https://expandi.io/blog/linkedin-content-retargeting-growth-hack-to-start-generating-leads/

Social profiles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smuldersstefan/ https://twitter.com/SmuldersStefan https://www.instagram.com/stefan.smulders.83/

Restaurant Tipp: t Zusje Eindhoven https://zusje.nl/onze-zusjes/eindhoven/

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